About Us


Independent HMA Manufacturer and Supplier

JenStar Asphalt's business model is unique to any other HMA producer in the geographic area. Unlike its competitors, JenStar is not a paving contractor and therefore performs no HMA laydown. Thus, local paving contractors who do not operate their own plant will now, for the first time ever, have an option to purchase HMA from someone other than one of their competitors. 


Our Commitment

Paramount to the success of JenStar is to assure adherence to the pillars of our business model  by providing customers with unmatched customer service and quality of materials at ultra-competitive prices. 

Our success is mutually aligned with  that of our customers. Whereas a typical HMA contractor's primary focus is directed towards its own paving projects, JenStar's position as solely a supplier means we are incentivized to do what is necessary to ensure our customers succeed.

Our Team

After two decades in senior management and over 34 years in the Hot Mix Asphalt (“HMA”) production and paving industry, Douglas Robinson decided to test the waters on a personally long-considered type of venture. After four years of planning the venture, JenStar was born and operations began in the summer of 2019 

Prior to operations beginning, Doug brought on several experienced industry veterans well known to him to assure that the company was prepared to react to the hiccups that were sure to come from a new plant, and to set the appropriate course for the future. Florence Wilson took the helm of office administrative issues, David Farley assumed control of general operational issues and Florzell Hawkins dove in as an investor and senior manager.

To round out the team and incorporate some young blood as well as innovative thinking, Doug’s son, Cole Robinson, and Doug’s son-in-law, Tony Sansone came on board. Cole and Tony handle a variety of duties including Quality Control; Information Technologies; Administrative, Customer Service and Management support; and plant operating related tasks.  

 The present and the future are in good hands with the Team assembled.